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FAQ What If I Have Extra Tutoring Sessions Left After I Take My Test

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Once in a while a student has to cancel a session or two, and time constraints don’t allow him to complete the typical 13 sessions before taking the ACT or SAT. In these cases, families often ask what happens to the remaining sessions and how students can utilize them. Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck At A+, we see extremely high value inone-to-one interaction between tutors and students. Students feel less self-conscious than they do in a group setting, and are therefore more willing to ask questions. In addition, a one-to-one relationship fosters a higher level of accountability for homework completion, which is critical since practice is such an important component of test prep success.Even though you will generally pay more for one-to-one services than you would for group sessions, you will get the advantage of individualized attention from your tutor and flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Our standard ACT or SAT prep package includes 19.5 hours of instruction, which is divided into 13 tutoring sessions (90 minutes each) prior to the test, covering all content areas for the test in question. These sessions may vary in focus, depending on the student’s needs. While we highly encourage students to complete all 13 sessions to get the maximum benefits, sometimes scheduling conflicts or time constraints don’t allow that. So what happens to the leftover sessions? Students have a few options, and we encourage families to consider which is the most advantageous to the student: If the student plans to retake the ACT or SAT, he can schedule the sessions before the next test to review the results of his original test and refresh his knowledge of test tips and strategies, as well as cover any content that he struggled with on the test the first time around If the student doesn’t plan to retake the ACT or SAT but needs extra help with an academic subject, we can shift the focus toward her course work and utilize the remaining sessions for academic tutoring. In such cases, depending on the subject involved, a different tutor may be assigned. For either of these options, extra sessions can be added for an additional fee if the remaining number of sessions doesn’t seem to be quite enough. We hope that you take advantage of any remaining sessions you have, whether they’re applied toward additional test prep or academic tutoring. To learn more about our one-to-one programs and the value of these services, we encourage you to review ourtest prep method comparison and cost information.

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Characteristics And Weaknesses Of An Enterprise...

1. Given our studies of EA frameworks you are to identify five different criteria by which you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the: TOGAF, FEA, LightWeight and Zachman framework. (50 points) Enterprise Architecture is an all-inclusive approach to managing the complexity of IT from a business viewpoint. A framework is used to help describe how to create and use an EA, in a manner that delivers business benefit in a cost - effective way. Each framework has a different approach to adding value to the business. These criteria will identify the ways an enterprise architecture framework adds business value, how adaptability and flexibility effect the overall adoption of an enterprise architecture framework, how the deliverables contribute to the success of an enterprise architecture, how does each framework take a strategic approach to reduce complexity of enterprise architecture, and how the framework encompasses the Software Development Lifecycle. The Zachman Framework considers that there may be different perspectives, however, each perspective considers the requirements of the other and the restraints those may impose. It also allows for different levels of complexity, depth, and breadth of details for each cell of the matrix based upon the importance to a given organization. The Zachman Framework can be used to set standards and is also easy to use with other tools and methodologies. TOGAF offers flexibility and is easily adaptable for any organization. ItShow MoreRelatedEa Enables Essay1355 Words   |  6 PagesEnterprise Architecture Enables Processes Paper Introduction Enterprise Architecture is defined as the representation of all the components, processes and policies of an organization. Architecture is the process of moving a business vision and strategy into effective change, communicating the current capabilities and rethinking the principles and models that describe the future state of the company and facilitate their evolution (Fui-Hoon, Lee-Shang, and Kuang, 2001). Enterprise ArchitectureRead MoreMethods Of Building The Straw1757 Words   |  8 PagesOrganization objective , its methodologies, its business ,future points and money related foundation so all these things to be carried out I need 7 to 10 weeks’ time. 2A. On the off chance that we ask a business architect to work together business architecture without a foundation in business intelligence then we will be totally mindful in association ruin, in light of the fact that he/she won t have any information of the current state of business of the association and thusly can t anticipate theRead MoreUsability Testing and Implementation892 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis The following recommendations follow the frameworks of aligning usability to the needs of students, ensuring their learning goals are met by using course design to as a scaffold-based learning strategy, tailoring course content to their specific needs (Najjar, 2008). The greater the usability fo course materials, the more effectively instructors will be able to create tailored learning programs that are aligned to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the student (Najjar, 2008). The first recommendationRead MoreEnterprise Analysis and Making a Business Case9067 Words   |  37 PagesEnterprise Analysis and Making a Business Case Overview/Description Enterprise analysis is a key knowledge area in the practice of business analysis. During enterprise analysis, the business analyst identifies business opportunities, builds a business architecture framework, and determines the best project investment path for the enterprise. From this, the business analyst puts forward a business case, which provides an overall justification for the project. In this course, learners will examineRead MoreTrolley Dodgers Case2066 Words   |  9 Pagesinternal control problems existed. The other hand, found that employees embezzlement. The first part of this report identify and explain the characteristics of employee fraud indicated in Dodgers case. such as perpetrator must gains the trust or confidence of the person or company being defrauded. etc And then, the second part is explain the internal control weaknesses and understanding internal control objectives . The third part based on the understanding of the Committee of Sponsoring OrganisationsRead MoreCommon Characteristics Of Wireless Devices1595 Words   |  7 Pagesactually a REST system. Many of the web services that we have been using for years are REST based web services. REST is concerned with the ‘big picture’ of Web and does not deal with any implementation details like Java Servlet or CGIs. Many common characteristics of wireless devices too, adhere the principles behind REST. There has also been some interest in â€Å"extending REST to consider variable request priorities, differentiated quality-of-service, and representations consisting of continuous data streamsRead MoreDesigning and Developing a Banking Demo System Using Service Oriented Architecture5744 Words   |  23 PagesComponent and Service Oriented Cloud Architecture Date: 28/11/13 Lecturer: Dr Khaddaj S. WARRANTY STATEMENT This is a student project. Therefore, neither the student nor Kingston University makes any warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the data or conclusion of the work performed in the project and will not be held responsible for any consequences arising out of any inaccuracies or omissions therein. 1 ABSTRACT Architecture is the back-bone of every structure andRead MoreEssay on Enterprise Resource Planning Erp3716 Words   |  15 PagesMerian Gerova Information Systems in Management MGT 305 Dr. Mamad Pourhosseini Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Valuable System for The Companies Word Count: 3,311 21 June 2012 I. Abstract This paper critically analyses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the various tools and platforms it offers to the enterprises. This report looks at ERP as strategic management tool that ensures competitive advantage ones adopted. This paper will explore scholarly articles underling theRead MoreCobit Assessment Matrix19376 Words   |  78 PagesContinuity—Preventing, mitigating and recovering from disruption. The terms ‘business resumption planning’, ‘disaster recovery planning’ and ‘contingency planning’ also may be used in this context; they all concentrate on the recovery aspects of continuity. Control framework—A set of fundamental controls that facilitates the discharge of business process owner responsibilities to prevent financial or information loss in an organisation Control objective—A statement of the desired result or purpose to be achieved by implementingRead MoreSwot Analysis of Cloud Computing5927 Words à ‚  |  24 Pagesin December, 2010, and founded on the simple concept of delivering enterprise business applications via the Internet or â€Å"cloud†. Cloud computing refers to the use of Internet-based computing, storage and connectivity technology for a variety of different services. We introduced our first service in Dec, 2010. Since then, we have augmented our service with new editions and enhanced features. We have also introduced other enterprise cloud computing applications on our platform to customers and developers

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Technology As A Global Phenomenon - 1330 Words

As the world continues to advance, technology has become essential in most countries. In the past, using technology was not common among people like in today’s life. People are using technology these days in each domain of their lives, including entertainment, work, and education. The use of technology in education has become a global phenomenon. It plays a vital role in improving the educational skills and knowledge of the people. Over the past two decades in Saudi Arabia, there have been many changes in education due to the use of technology with positive effects for students, teachers, and society. There are many benefits for students of using technology in education. It helps students to have online courses, which has obviously become one of the most popular higher education choices. First, with technology, learners will be able to find different programs and courses online. Several universities in Saudi Arabia today provide various options for students. Therefore, no matter what students hope to study because they can get any academic degree online. Online lectures are available also to the learners who are incapable of attending traditional educational because of health implications or other difficulties. These online courses might be more affordable options than traditional classes. They are less expensive, so they allowed many students to achieve their degrees. Online classes give students the opportunity of working while they study. For instance, if a student wantsShow MoreRelatedGlobalization And Its Impact On Society Essay1550 Words   |  7 Pagesglobalization serve t o construct particular cultural realities around the world, articulating the importance of the global and the local. These days the world is another place—it is not our own. Globalization is an insight into the present â€Å"now,† yet our â€Å"now† has been constructed and fashioned to fit the mold of an ever-changing, globalizing process. To understand the phenomenon of globalization, we must understand the relations between the past and the present. By understanding the relation betweenRead MoreAssessed Essay Question:. ‘The Problem Of Poverty Is A1179 Words   |  5 PagesAssessed Essay Question: ‘The problem of poverty is a problem of riches’. Analyse with reference to recent trends in global economic inequality. Essay Number: 30923 Word Count: S_37/20 114/22 555/23 666 989/24 1612 2127/25 3107/26 3851/27 1 Introduction In the context of globalization, the unbalanced economic development as the basic rule of global economy and nations’ economic development has been widely accepted by the public around the world. However, people are not subjectively willing to faceRead MoreGlobal Organization And Its Impact On The Global Economy1251 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The companies have become a key parameter, especially in the global economy. The size of global companies closely correlated with the decrease of vulnerabilities, with higher resistance to economic shocks occurred along the time and with their bigger chances of success in certain markets. Companies aim not only to optimize their size, but also to strengthen the global production networks, affording them a better competitive position, in a mighty competitive environment and under theRead MoreGlobalization And Its Impact On Modern Society1242 Words   |  5 Pagesthe top layer of meaning which is prevalent among general society. There are multiple varying definitions for the globalization phenomenon. Many people argue that the process of globalization has contributed to a metaphorical â€Å"flattening† of our world, destroying absolute spatial differentiation. The hyperglobalist economists believe that we have come to live in a ‘global village’ society in which is close to the destruction of spatial differentiation and thus, the study of geography. The idea isRead MoreGlobal Warming : Causes And Mitigation1319 Words   |  6 Pages Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Introduction The topic of global warming has received a lot of attention for the past couple of decades. The massive impacts and risks posed by this phenomenon on humans and environment have been severe, thus calling for swift attention. Basically, globalization refers to the rise of average temperature of oceans and earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is a reality which has faced the human society for over aRead MoreTechnology Based On The Classroom764 Words   |  4 Pagesweb-based technology has transformed how we teach and learn. Technology is now incorporated in most curriculums and plays a vital role in learning. According to IGI Global (2016), they define technology-based learning as â€Å"learning which is based on technology. This technology could be electronic, digital or physical. It is introduced to make the student work on the learning topic individually or collaboratively to discover the phenomenon associated with the learning topic† (IGI Global, (2016). Read MoreEss ay Urban Planning1050 Words   |  5 Pageshalf of global inhabitants live in cities or towns (Clarke, 1980), and most of the modern cities around the world have similar economic structure and social interests (Sassen, 2001). The observer to these cities will notice the common characteristics are much more than differences (Clark, 1996). Many recent studies recognize this phenomenon. One of the important studies that examines and analyses this phenomenon was carried out by Clark (1996). In his book Urban World / Global City, heRead MoreEssay Creating a Better Future Through Globalization1536 Words   |  7 Pagespolitically, socially and culturally (T. L. Friedman 6-14) . Even though globalization often is thought of in economic terms, this process has many social and political implications as well. The globalization of today’s world through technology creates an intercultural phenomenon that has never been seen before. Not only are jobs and services more readily available to all people in the world, cultures are also meeting on all levels. In today’s world, national economies are more open to one another thanRead MoreA Short Note On Pop Music And Its Effects On Popular Culture932 Words   |  4 Pages Furthermore, global consumers are progressively embracing popular cultural products such as music like Gangnam Style as well as film and other audio-visual media content through online social media community networks. Jung Shim (2014, pp.485) illustrate that following Psy’s global success, other Korean pop music or K-Pop, have become one of the most vigorously distributed forms of pop culture globally, through its distribution via social networks. Hogarth (2013, pp.144) illustrates how K-Pop entertainmentRead MoreGlobal Warming and its Issues1198 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Global warming is perhaps one of the most urgent and complicated global issues we face today. While there are those who dispute the very nature as well as causes of the global warming phenomenon, available data clearly indicates that the planet is becoming warmer. This text revisits the issue of global warming. In so doing, compelling evidence will be presented in an attempt to prove that the global warming phenomenon is indeed real. Global Warming: An Overview In simple terms, global warming

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Essay of Observation Essay Example For Students

Essay of Observation Essay He stands against the pillar, his eyes closed, and breathes in the cold air. The sun is steadily rising, its rays warming his face, taking the chill out of the January morning. He turns even more towards the sun, basking in its warmth. At this unguarded moment, he has not a care in the world. He is oblivious to the world, oblivious to the girl on the bench steadily watching him. Beneath his black Bear jacket, hes wearing a red long-sleeved Polo shirt, dark blue Polo jeans, and mustard-colored Timberland boots. The light, which has been warming his face, has given his naturally dark brown hair the appearance of having maple-colored highlights. He opens his eyes and turns his head slightly as someone asks him if he has matches. His mouth curves upward in an apologetic smile as he informs the smoker that he doesnt smoke. He resumes his original position, and once again closes his eyes. The dark lashes, which normally frame amber eyes, are again resting against his cheeks, a striking contrast to the creamy ivory of his skin. In such a relaxed position, one can see the determined set of his chin, the fine bone structure of his face, the promise that, as he ages, he will become even more handsome. He checks his watch, and realizing the time, begins to gather his things so he can head towards his first class. He begins walking away, and suddenly stops. He slowly turns around, his eyes sweeping from side to side, as if hes looking for something or someone. He shakes his head, and resumes his walk to class. He stops again, turns around, and once more begins his search. It is apparent by the look on his face that he doesnt know exactly what hes looking for, but there is something for which to be looked. His gaze sweeps by the girl on the bench as if he doesnt notice her. Once, twice, he looks around, until finally, he rests his eyes on the girl. Puzzled, he walks over to her, stops, and asks, Why have you been watching me? He laughs as she responds, Im doing an Essay of Observation Essay for my English class, and since youre really cute, I figured Id observe you for a little while, and then write about you. To that he flippantly replies, Take a picture, itll last you longer and slowly walks away, leaving the girl staring after him, her mouth wide open. He turns around again, winks, and yells to her, Let me know how the paper comes out. My names Davin, extension 2382. The scene outlined above happened to me a few days ago. When I started forming my idea for this paper, I believed doing an observation of people would be the best topic about which to write. I never realized how hard it was to observe people and remain unnoticed. I also never realized how embarrassing it was to have the young man being observed notice that hes being watched, and approach the person who is so intently staring at him. However, there were a few things I learned from watching Davin. When a person is completely relaxed (as Davin had been that day), he or she gives off a very stress-free, I-can-handle-anything attitude. This makes the person exude a certain type of confidence that many people find very attractive. As I watched Davin, I observed a number of females noticing him. Although none of them went up to him to begin a conversation, many tried to attract his attention by commenting on his looks to one of their friends. It was obvious that he overheard these whispered comments because he often smiled after one was said; apparently, however, he felt no strong desires to strike up a discussion with the women who spoke so highly of him for not one succeeded in engaging him in a ttette. The biggest lesson I learned from my observation of Davin was that no one likes to be bothered while he or she is trying to relax. .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .postImageUrl , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:hover , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:visited , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:active { border:0!important; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:active , .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uf61ffde7cb613624b3f867409ede6d6f:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Usama bin Laden Biography Essay The entire point of relaxing is to leave behind the stresses, troubles, and worries of the day. One cant be bothered with mindless conversation or silly .

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Teenage Smoking Essays - Smoking, Habits, Tobacco, Cigarettes

Teenage Smoking In a society where it is not unordinary to see a ten year old child smoking a cigarette in public, where large tobacco companies sponsor all big sporting events and where smoking advertisements are everywhere you look, how can it be understood that what is going on is a form of suicide. Smoking is comparable to a serial killer; a cigarette acts as the weapon used by tobacco companies and its victims subjecting themselves by their own free will to participate in the crime. The governments of the United States and many other countries have chosen to regulate addictive substances, like cigarettes, via taxation; minimum-age purchase laws; restrictions on consumption in schools, the workplace, and public places; and stiff fines for driving under the influence of alcohol. The prices of these substances will rise because of taxation; other forms of regulation, and bans. Thus, measuring their responsiveness to price is important in determining the optimal level of taxation and the impacts of legalization. Contrary to conventional wisdom, studies find that the consumption of addictive substances is quite sensitive to price. Teen smoking has been increasing since 1991. There are economic, psychological and sociological factors that play an important role in this increase. Economically, cigarettes are highly advertised, extremely affordable and accessible to practically anyone. As for the advertisement aspect in the sale of cigarettes, tobacco companies spend billions of dollars per year to advertise their brands. This money is spent on the actual advertisement, and also on manipulating the subconscious minds of teenagers. (Reynolds, 1999) Billboards and magazines lure teenagers to smoke, by using teen idols and appealing photos in their ads. The Canadian Government has been attempting to put a stop to tobacco industries using teen idols in selling their products, by passing Bill C-71, a legislation that forbids tobacco companies from putting up signs for events in which they sponsor. The car racer and teen idol, Jacques Villeneuve can no longer be advertised in his car racing suit as Rothman's cigarettes advertisements are highly visible on it, as this would give off a negative message to teens who look up to him. The only exception to this law however, is that the signs may be put up at the site of the event, in bars or in newspapers which are read by adults. (Scott, 1997) An example of a sporting event is the DuMaurier tennis tournament held in Montreal, and sponsored by the DuMaurier tobacco industry. This event was, until this law was passed, advertised (on billboards, in magazines and on television) all over Montreal. Bill C-71 was an attempt at preventing teenagers from seeing these advertisements, as the government believed this to be an important factor in the growth of youth smokers. This legislation though, was not very effective as statistics show that more than half of Canadian teens have seen advertisements for tobacco sponsored events. (Scott, 1997). During the 1040's and 50's smoking was popular and socially acceptable. Movie stars, sports heroes, and celebrities appeared in cigarette advertisements that promoted and heavily influenced teens. Influence also came from Television and other media sources. The desires to be accepted and to feel grown up are among the most common reasons to start smoking. Yet, even though teenagers sometimes smoke to gain independence, and to be part of the crowd parental influence plays the strongest role as to whether or their children will smoke, Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), 1991. Children are exposed to and influenced by the parents, siblings, and the media long before peer pressure will become a factor. Mothers should not smoke during pregnancy, nicotine, which crosses the placental barrier, may affect the female fetus during an important period of development so as to predispose the brain to the addictive influence of nicotine. Prenatal exposure to smoking has previously been linked with impairments in memory, learning, cognition, and perception in the growing child. (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 1995) Subsequent follow-up after 12 years suggest that regardless of the amount or duration of current or past maternal smoking, the strongest correlation between maternal smoking and a daughter's smoking occurred when the mother smoked during pregnancy. NIDA also reported that of 192 mothers and their first born adolescents with a mean age of 12 1/2, the analysis revealed that 26.6% of the girls whose mother smoked while pregnant had smoked in the past year. Tobacco companies target teens because 85 to 90% of all new smokers begin before or during their teenage years, so marketing demographics compel cigarette companies to target adolescents if they are the ones

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market analysis of greenwich Essays

market analysis of greenwich Essays market analysis of greenwich Essay market analysis of greenwich Essay MARKET ANALYSIS Customer behavior/ flow of customers In the heart of Cabanatuan City, there lies a fast food restaurant that truly serves amazing and mouth-watering dishes, located at the NE Pacific mall Greenwich Pizzas is Just one of the top ranking fast foods not only among the province of Nueva EciJa but also to the whole country. It is not surprising how successful this food corporation is because as we observed how they care for their customers, we noticed that Greenwich do exert efforts in order to serve their customers well. They are committed in reaching out for their customers needs and wants when it comes to food services that are Just some of the great factor in building customer loyalty. The Management leverages every instance of customer feedback as an opportunity for learning, growth and improvement across the organization thats why they are always improving even on a daily basis. As a result, we see that Greenwich customers are indeed happy of the service that they are giving to them. Theres no an hour that this fast food centre is not occupied by even at least 10-15 consumers. Others come again and again due to the fact that eating there is also a pleasure; it gives them a hundred percent contentment and bliss while dining with their loved ones. Because of this, we see no doubt why Greenwich has always been a great place for dining. Customers are always treated as the king and queens of their food kingdom, great foods are assured for every serving in our table.

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Friedrich Nietzeche Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Friedrich Nietzeche - Assignment Example On the other hand, slave morality embraces the standards of what is beneficial to the powerless. The morality holds that the independent and strong people possess evil attributes (211). In effect, the slave morality advances virtues such as humility, sympathy, and kindness. Thus, the two types of morality have remarkable differences. The master morality gives the masters a sense of fullness, including ability, wealth, and power. In this respect, the noble people perceive themselves as the originators of value, and can decide on what is good or bad. Such masters do not need the outside force to affirm their goodness because they believe devotion for greatness is in them (212). Thus, Nietzsche thinks that master morality is superior because it emphasizes strength, freedom, power, and egoism, and concern less with the externals. The morality evokes fear, inflicts suffering, and exploits the people in the lower order. In essence, the masters consider the non-masters in the society contemptible. To them, the non-masters are secondary and insignificant. Nietzsche thinks that religion and democracy fall under slave morality because the two tend to ease the suffering of the people. The expression of the slave morality adheres to the moral standards inherent in religion and democracy. Hence, the religion and democracy exemplify the same ideology as in slave morality. In effect, the religion and democracy exhibit the ideology of herd, majority, and convention contained in the slave morality. Similarly, religion and democracy embrace values such equality, pity, and humility that typify slave morality. Thus, Nietzsche uses the values to classify religion and democracy under the slave morality. In my opinion, relativistic morality cannot be defended. The relativistic morality tends to exaggerate the extent of diversity among cultures. Notably, the superficial differences among the cultures mask the underlying shared agreement. I